Whether you live in a house or in an apartment, staircases are an integral part of any house. If you are building a house of your own, then opting for a professional staircase builder in Sydney is the best thing to do. These professional staircase builders in Sydney will suggest the best materials, designs for your staircase based on the design of the house. Your staircase design will determine how much space it will take up in your house or how much comfort you will have a climbing up and down the staircases.

Staircase designs to choose from:

Here are a few staircase designs that you can choose from based on the architecture of your house:

  • Straight staircase: As the name suggests, straights stairs do not have any change in direction. They are usually the most common type of stairs found in residential and commercial buildings. If you have a longer flight of stairs, then your staircase builder in Sydney might suggest putting a landing in between. The best part about straight stairs is that they are the easiest to climb up and down.  Any staircase builder in Sydney would vouch for it that they are easier to build. As there is no change in direction, the straight staircase does not need any extra support. 
  • L-shaped staircase: This is a variation of the straight staircase with a bend at certain parts of the stairs. There is generally a landing added at the bend. These staircases are usually more visually appealing. Providing a visual barrier between floors can give your house more privacy. Also, many staircase builders in Sydney would say that they are safer as they have a landing that reduces the number of treads.
  • U-shaped staircase: These are two parallel flights of a straight staircase that are joined by a landing, which creates a 180-degree turn. They are easier to fit in the architectural plan, especially when there is space constraint. They are visually appealing and make the architecture more interesting.
  • Winder staircase: It is a variation of the U-shaped staircase, but instead of having a flat landing, it is a triangular stair at the corner transition. The best advantage of this type of staircase is that they occupy less space and are visually the most appealing. Many older houses in Sydney have winder staircases, especially in the houses that have a secondary staircase.

Apart from the shape of the staircase, the design of the staircase can also be influenced by the material that is used to make the staircase. Stone staircases are heavy and give your house a rustic look. But they require support. Wooden staircases are the most commonly seen stairs in Sydney. They are easy to construct and generally found in residential houses. Brick staircases are masonry constructions and are often found in the front porch or entrance of the house. Steel or cast-iron staircases are usually used by builders in commercial buildings. They are sturdy and easy to clean.