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Do’s And Don’ts Of Stone Benchtops In Sydney

Do you want to install stone benchtops in Sydney? It will unquestionably be a wonderful addition to your house. Most of the kitchen benchtops are made up of stone material. Even some of the top commercial sites favour stone for the benchtops as the material is durable and functional at the same point in time. But there are a few things to keep in mind regarding stone benchtops. We will discuss the do’s and don’ts of these benchtops so that you can gain maximum efficiency from them in Sydney:

The Do’s

Firstly, we will discuss some things you can get right about stone benchtops. Let’s take a look at them here below:

Everyday Maintenance

If you want the benchtops to look as good as ever, you should maintain them daily. You don’t have to go out of the way in cleanliness. Maintaining it daily is not a big task to deal with in terms of cleanliness. So, you should clean stone benchtops daily and ensure that you don’t have to hire professional services to change them anytime soon in Sydney!

Use The Right Soaps

The use of chemicals can also affect stone benchtops in the long term. So it is essential to use the right soaps for the job. You need to be very careful with what sort of cleaning soaps and detergents you use on your benchtop. You should be using a soap with a low PH level. Just be sure about the soaps you buy, as they shouldn’t harm your benchtops in Sydney.

Use A Poultice

There are times when some stains are too difficult to deal with. You have to use a poultice to get rid of such stains. Usually, you can get your stone benchtops cleaned with the help of a wet cloth. But if it doesn’t work, the stains might be difficult to cope with. This is where you have to use a poultice for the job.

The Don’ts

You also have to look at certain don’ts to maintain stone benchtops for your place in Sydney. They are as follows:

Don’t Panic

There are times when certain stains are not removed at all. In such a case, you might feel tense about how to deal with the stains. You don’t have to panic and take the decision with a cool head.

Don’t Wipe Before Blotting

When you spill something on your stone benchtops, you might look to wipe it off straight away. That can prove to be a big mistake, and you must ignore it. You must remove as much of the spill as possible before wiping the surface down.

Don’t Use Harsh Scrubbers

You should avoid using harsh scrubbers as much as possible. It can damage stone benchtops in a great manner, so you have to use clean, soft and damp clothes or soft sponges.

By keeping these things in mind, we are sure that you will maintain stone benchtops at your place in Sydney for a longer tenure. You have to be cautious every step of the way so that you don’t feel disappointed in the times to come!