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Why Head Towards Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl These Days

Most of you are well aware of the heat transfer vinyl materials. It can be pressed down on a clothing item and then ironed to transfer that image to the said body. It helps enhance the look and value of a basic outfit, turning it into a masterpiece for sure. The real question lies with the types of heat transfer vinyl available. There are so many options available, among which the glitter heat transfer vinyl is always the best point to consider.

As you can understand from the name itself, the main goal of this vinyl is to address that glitter much as you have asked for. It will provide that extra glittery effect on the design, making the dress material pop up a bit more.

  • Noted to be more robust and more durable:

If you want to be that centre of the stage, you can always try the glitter version of the heat transfer vinyl! It will add that more vibrant and sparkling glitter than any of the normal ones for making the logos all shiny and eye-catching at the same time.

  1. Due to the unique technology, the materials remain extremely thin, durable and robust at the same time. 
  2. The entire weeding process will work out much like a breeze with the help of that sticky back.
  3. It does not matter how large the objects are or smaller the letters will be; both professionals and beginners can use this glitter vinyl to be their number one choice around here.
  • Smooth and without any flake and can weed quickly:

The most significant advantage of glitter heat transfer vinyl is that it does not easily flake off, fade, crack or peel. So, the item will boast of smooth and soft materials and will hold the washes after wash.

  1. On the other hand, the 1.5in cardboard oil will help maintain the original vinyl’s stretching ability,  just like it has come out of the factory right now.
  2. With the help of this 60 inches of long roll, it will be an ideal option for all kinds of projects, saving you time and money.
  • Highly compatible with all the plotting cutters:

This is yet another primary reason you need to get your hands on the glitter based heat transfer vinyl these days. These materials can be cut easily with the help of a US cutter, Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Air and Sizzix, to name a few.

  1. So, any kind of die-cut machine can be used for cutting the pieces, whether for home or professional crafting hobby.
  2. It will adhere to the garment much like print, which can barely make it feel it. 
  3. You can use the power of the household flat iron or can use any kind of heat press machine to get that quality help around here for sure.

So, if you want something new and different, make sure to try out the glitter heat transfer vinyl now. The results are top-notch and will match your needs the most for sure.


Heat Transfer Vinyl — A Guideline For Independent Creators

Signage plays an important role in the world around us. From billboards to shop fronts, it is everywhere. Along the same lines, creators in the fashion industry make use of HTVs to bring their ideas to life. A heat transfer vinyl or an HTV is different from a signage vinyl. Both tools differ in the markets they serve, and the application processes linked with them. Heat and pressure applied over a short duration activate an HTV. This ready-to-use nature of heat transfers vinyl makes them the ready to go choice of the independent creators. Moreover, HTVs serve application purposes for a multitude of fabrics. 

Uses of HTV

Some important considerations linked with HTV use are: 

  • Fabric Specifications

As a creator, you’ll not face any trouble while using heat transfer vinyl on cotton-made clothes. But, when you switch to apparel made out of synthetic raw materials, you’ll face a unique set of challenges. Furthermore, your design choices will also depend on your requirements. For instance, the graphic design process for a tote bag will be entirely different from that of a t-shirt. Easyweed heat transfer vinyl can prove useful in both instances, but the application methods will vary. 

  • Expected Durability

High-quality HTVs often live longer than the apparel they decorate. Thus, if you’re looking for a designing tool to create heavy-duty clothing, a heat transfer vinyl is a great option. It is common practice to design sports jerseys using HTVs. Furthermore, fashion technology has also reached a point where certain HTVs can also decorate a mesh design. Synthetic raw materials do pose challenges, but current innovations in HTV production account for those roadblocks from the get-go. Simply put, you’ll need to choose a heat transfer vinyl based on how durable you want it to be. Easyweed is one of the products that handle multiple washes without breaking a sweat.

  • Mass/Stretchability of the Garment

Creators need to be mindful of the fact that HTVs come with their weight. Thus, they need to optimize their design processes accordingly. If a garment becomes too heavy, it will lose essential attributes like flexibility and comfort. Since comfort is an important factor in today’s fashion landscape, creators cannot overlook this consideration. For instance, if you’re designing performance wear, the weight needs to be as low as possible. In that case, use the Easyweed heat transfer vinyl to accommodate lightweight designs. 

Some Additional Information  

  • During your design process, make sure that you mirror your art. This will ensure that your design attains its intended orientation on the garment. 
  • Weed out unnecessary vinyl once you cut it properly. This will help you in adding a premium touch to your final product. 
  • Use a heavy-duty heat press. Following this tip will make sure that you create a durable end-product. 

The internet is full of tips and tricks that you can use to level up your HTV game. Never stop subjecting yourself to new learning materials. In other words, keep growing as a creator!