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How To Maintain Your Plants And Pots

By the time midsummer arrives, planters and atlantis pots, bonsai pots that were once vibrant with colour and leaves slowly deteriorate, looking worn out and tired. Furthermore, those lovely blossoms and hefty leaves wilt and fade more as the temperature rises.

This doesn’t have to be your year of misery, though. By making one small change, you can ensure that your containers thrive all summer long in brilliant health.

Let’s look at all the steps you can take to ensure that your pots and containers this season put on a show fit for a peacock.

  1. Select the Ideal Pot

Selecting the proper pot size is the first step in creating a sturdy planter. Several distinct variables influence this. A planter that is too tiny can stifle the roots, depriving them of nutrients, oxygen, and water necessary for healthy, strong growth.

Too-large atlantis pots or  bonsai pots may cause the soil to become too wet, preventing oxygen from reaching the roots and drowning them. 

  1. Plan Your Planting

The garden centre has the same appeal for many of us that a candy store does for young children. And as we are all aware, buying things on a whim does not necessarily mean we are making the best decisions!

So, choosing plants that will work best for your region will require some judgement.

Pick plants and the atlantis pots or  bonsai pots that will flourish under the specific climatic and lighting circumstances you have. If you like to blend several plants in one pot, choose ones that require a similar amount of water and light.

  1. Provide Rich Soil with Nutrients

To ensure that our bedding plants flourish, we must give a nutrient-rich atmosphere.

The soil is improved in a number of ways by adding 20–25% finished compost or well-rotted manure. The optimum container soil contains peat, perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum moss, or another moisture-retentive element at about 20% of the total content. Additionally, it requires nutrient-dense materials like compost or manure.

  1. Provide them with a tall, long drink of water

By the time summer rolls around, atlantis pots or  bonsai pots placed in a sunny area need frequent, often daily, watering while it’s hot outside. Not every pot, though, needs watering at the same time. How often water is needed depends on the amount of light, the size of the pot, and the size of the plant.

Strong, healthy root systems, which are created by deep, slow watering, are a must for strong, healthy plants. Just below the surface, little, shallow roots will grow as a result of light irrigation. Because of the lack of moisture, the larger roots at the bottom of the plant eventually dry out and die.

Water steadily until water begins to emerge from the drainage holes or until the entire root ball, including the deepest roots, receives a decent drink.


Your pots and planters will have what it takes to put on a dazzling display all summer long with the use of only a few easy actions at the beginning of the season, some weekly maintenance, and our great fertilisation tip. So keep in mind to feed your planters more frequently, but with smaller amounts of a water-soluble fertiliser, to maintain their healthy good looks throughout the full season. You’ll be delighted with the outcomes of this simple but powerful method.