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Different Types Of Paints You Can Look For In Your Home

Do you know how to determine the paint that suits your home? It is based on function and purpose to determine the optimum paint for interior walls. Your attention is typically drawn to the colour or finish of wall paints when choosing interior wall paint. You always need to get into the specifics of texture. But to select the perfect colour for your prized home, you must consider painting thornleigh to comprehend how one form of paint fundamentally differs from the other. Each state of colour has distinct features and functions designed for that particular use. Before making a decision, consider below listed different types of paint for interior walls if you want to improve the appearance of your house:


Walls and ceilings are frequently painted using emulsion, a durable water-based paint. Silk and matte are the two prevalent varieties. Matt is the best paint for painting walls and ceilings since it has a very low gloss and reflects very little light. Compared to matt, silk has a better shine, is more durable, and is easier to clean, but it is also more likely to exhibit flaws. You can hire a painting thornleigh service as they will apply the paint with proper equipment.

Enamel paint:

This gem is ideal for surfaces that must be resistant to harsh conditions. It is strong and can withstand moderate punishment. It is a good alternative for people to use for their home’s exteriors. The hammering of the sun’s rays, powerful wind gusts, and sheets of rain are no match for enamel paint. On surfaces, you want to keep protected, apply paint of this kind. It can also be used for furniture. In locations with significant traffic, place it on a chair or table. The paint will have a rough finish after drying.

Textured paint:

The tremendous aesthetic value of textured paint makes it ideal for adding a slight touch to the walls. Interior wall painting designs can produce special effects on the wall, such as marble, stucco, sand swirl, and popcorn texture. This paint is excellent for covering up little defects and irregularities on the walls. Only skilled painting thornleigh service can successfully use textured paint since it is tough to work with.

Oil-based paint:

Professional painters frequently choose oil-based paints. They offer a long-lasting, hard finish that is water-resistant, effective in preventing stains and has good adhesion. They are perfect for painting windows, doors, and indoor and external bare wood surfaces. They are not as simple to use, often take much longer to dry, and white paint turns yellow more quickly than comparable water-based paints. Painting thornleigh service will guide you to the way you can apply the paint for your wall.

Distemper paint:

Distemper paint has a long history, beginning with ancient Egypt. However, the paint has changed over time and is now offered in various shapes. It can be sprayed directly on the plastered surface without using any primer and is also known as whitewash or cement paint. It can make other paints survive longer if applied to the surface before painting. This kind of paint does not break or deteriorate in sunlight.

Bottom line:

Paints play an essential role in your home. So, you need to give more importance to the paint you select. You can consider the above-listed types of paint which will suit your home.