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5 Things To Consider While Planning For Your Shop Fitout

Whether expanding into new premises or updating your existing commercial space, we’re sure you’ll agree that décor needs thoughtful planning. A space that appeals to your target audience is worth the investment and effort, as it contributes to the overall customer experience with your brand.

So what to consider before starting shop fitouts in Sydney? Furnishing your store is probably one of the most important business decisions you make, especially if you work in the retail or hospitality industry or a B2-B business that requires a physical presence for customers (such as a showroom).

Here are five things you should consider when planning your shop fitout.

Research and exploration

First, look at some internet sites on shop fitouts in Sydney. You may also find great items that suit you perfectly, and there is no shortage of sellers eager to start your business. 

It’s also good to check out other stores that sell similar merchandise. First impressions matter in business, so how you present your products and services is crucial.


First, establish a budget for shop fitouts in Sydney, considering all physical expenses such as base building, materials, lighting, floors, signage, technology, fixtures, and most importantly, the Workforce. 

Find and browse the cheapest items and materials. Most importantly, ensure your store is up-to-date and attractive and showcase your product and brand.


Once you’ve established a budget, you must plan your project timeline. Ideally, you want the adjustment to happen as quickly as possible as it will ultimately affect your earnings. 

Quality furniture will take some time, so your new store must soon enjoy as much uninterrupted trade as possible. A good option is to hire a project manager to take care of the shop fitouts in Sydney so that you can do what you do best, run your business.


The costs depend on the store you manage and the type of shop fitouts in Sydney you want to create. Basic research costs include floor installation, wall painting, lighting, shelving, and signage. Some prices to consider may include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cold rooms
  • Furniture
  • Display cabinet
  • Artwork
  • Washrooms
  • Sales counters
  • Electronic point of sale technology
  • Signage
  • Fixtures & joinery
  • Overall Cost of a fit-out.


When choosing a physical retail space, ease of access for customers should be an essential consideration in the decision-making process. 

Once the space is secured, it is important to take the time to understand how your customers will interact in the space and determine the best way to present your products. If your budget allows, hire a store designer to ensure they get it right.


Many companies specialize in complete shop fitouts in Sydney and can provide a consultant or a range of consultants to help you every step. Get two or three offers before making your choice. 

But if you’re planning to open a hobby-style store selling clothes and knick-knacks, you don’t have to choose a specialist who usually runs an entire department store. Still, it makes sense to contact one or two of these companies. Ideas alone rarely cost money, at least not in the discussion phase.