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Things To Consider While Choosing Visa And Immigration Consultants

Many big business owners and budding entrepreneurs are moving business overseas for expansion purposes. Even many people are shifting to foreign countries in search of work. But getting immigration is not an easy task. There are many legal rules and regulations which one has to follow. Without having any proper guidance on immigration and visa rules and updates, this decision can prove to be a riskier one for your lifetime. There are many immigration consultants in Singapore who can help you in availing immigration. Every country has different rules and regulations for visas and immigration and it will be proven beneficial if you know all before applying.


Singapore is one of the most favorite destinations for fulfilling all dreams. And if you are planning to stay in Singapore for establishing any sort of business or job, you should keep a piece of knowledge about the government and its compliances and policies. A professional immigration consultant in Singapore can help you with all the reliable knowledge about different government policies, rules, and regulations regarding immigration to Singapore.


What Points Should be Taken Care of While Choosing Visa and Immigration Consultants in Singapore?


Immigration consultants play a crucial role in making you settle down in various parts of the world safely and securely. If you get trapped with some fraud immigration consultants, your life will get ruined as you will suffer a lot in your whole life. Let’s look at some important things which should be considered while choosing immigration consultants in Singapore.

  • Market Image –

    For Singapore’s immigration solution, the market image of immigration agencies plays an important role. A good industry reputation can be seen by the trust built from various satisfied clients. A positive public impact must be taken care of while choosing immigration solution providers in Singapore. Through social media, you can get information regarding immigration and visa consultants. But after paying a visit, you can get to know whether to trust them to satisfy your needs or not.

  • Background Check –

    Undoubtedly, there exist thousands of visa and immigration companies, but choosing the most genuine out of it is difficult. You need to look after immigration consultant services and judge on various parameters from commencements, services to coaching, foreign education, visa and immigration, post visa, and success ratio. You should keep knowledge about how potential they are while offering immigration solutions. You can search for them online and explore the websites where they claim to be the best. Keep asking various people about their growth in terms of success and services. 

  • Experience & Success Ratio –

    While choosing immigration consultants in Singapore, you should consider how experienced the brand is in its field. You need to measure their success ratio in terms of services rendered and taking the feedback from their clients. You can also refer to some of their existing clients to know more about the consultants.


If you keep a note of the above-mentioned points for choosing the best immigration consultants in Singapore, you will face no problem regarding visa and Immigration solutions.

Property Valuation

Get Prompt Solutions Of House Property And Stamp Duty Valuations

House property valuations are divided into two categories such as residential and commercial.

Residential property valuations commenced encompassing both prestige residential and non-prestige residential belongings. Industry-leading experience and state coverage permit to accept valuation commands for most properties throughout.

Prestige residential properties appreciated classically the range from $5 million to $40 million with comprehensive long-form intelligence being formed by our senior valuers and Directors. The prestige residential valuation service station is sought-after regularly by high wealth secluded bank departments and law firms.

High volume residential valuations cover wide-ranging metropolitan and choice regional localities with thousands of properties examined and valued every financial year for all determinations including mortgage, taxation and proceedings.

commercial property

Assessing a market value for a commercial property

Commercial property valuations include all property pillars together with both specialized and non-specialized property kinds. Industry-leading knowledge and national attention permit secure to accept valuation directions for most properties throughout. Commercial properties valued embrace but are not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • Retail premises
  • Mixed-use commercial constructions
  • Development places
  • Proposed subdivision and growth feasibilities
  • Child care centres
  • Cold storage amenities
  • Medical centres
  • Schools / Educational buildings
  • Religious places of worship
  • Service stations
  • Community/Government amenities
  • Stamp duty

What accurately is a stamp duty valuation report?

Stamp duty valuation is the name of the tax payable upon transmission of ownership of an asset among two or more parties. A stamp duty valuation is mandatory when relocating ownership amongst associated parties or where the property is being elated into a superannuation fund or numerous other trusts and legal things. 

The stamp duty tax is then allocated based on the valuation report on the condition that by a registered valuer. Repeatedly a property is sold among related parties and is knowingly below market value in which case you will essentially have a stamp duty valuation to regulate market value. Stamp duty valuations reports embrace evidence on the physical qualities of the property, modern market sales suggestion and professional understanding and valuation basis.

Why do I require a Stamp Duty Valuation and is it obligatory?

When there is a handover of ownership in the property the office of state income requires a stamp valuation report, which must be accompanied by a registered property valuer. The quantity of stamp duty tax you may be contingent on which state the property is situated in and the valuation amount described by the valuer.

Why select the stamp duty valuation?

Stamp duty is a luxurious tax! Consequently, an accurate valuation is paramount to make sure you do not pay more tax than you require to. Stamp duty valuations for several clients including lawyers, conveyances and corporation and trust entities. The valuers are qualified in providing stamp duty valuations for the office of state profits and have access to the suitable property research databases so can find the most applicable market sales for stamp duty drives and have all the essential details to form a professional and precise opinion.

The house property valuation and stamp duty valuations go side by side to match the needs of possessions.