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Golden Rules To Consider When Installing Freestanding Bath Fillers

Having freestanding bath fillers is a great way to add elegance and personality to your bathroom, but there are several things to consider before you take the plunge. Consider these points to help you decide whether freestanding bath fillers are right for you and your home.

Weigh It Up

Freestanding bath fillers are often very heavy, especially if they are made of stone or cast iron, so you must seriously consider the weight before you decide to install one. Take into account how heavy it will be when it is full of water, and you are in it, as well as its empty weight. If you are in question about the foundation of your house and the strength of your floor, consult with a contractor or structural engineer before you plan to install freestanding bath fillers.

Plan Your Position,

Decide where your freestanding bath is going to go into the room. A good place to position it is next to a window – the positioning of a bath next to or under one also adds to a bathing experience. The window area is often a rough spot. Here, for example, the glazing is too small to accommodate a tub, a shower, or aloo, but the bath fits perfectly into the alcove. It is the perfect spot for a relaxing soak while enjoying the breath taking view.

Factor in Storage Area

Storage is an easy thing to overlook when choosing freestanding bath fillers. It is very important to make sure you have space to store all the components you need for a relaxing. There is a shelf next to the bath to store essential things, such as soap and shampoo. If you do not have the opportunity to plan your storage at an early stage, do not worry: you could keep a side table or a stool next to your bath.

Choose the Style You Like

There are a lot of freestanding bath fillers to choose from. You could go for traditional or modern, or you could go for one with a leg or one without the list is endless. Think about the impact you want your bathroom to make when you choose your one. If you feel bold, you could choose something very different, like the marble shown earlier, which would be a perfect way to add personality to your bathing area.

Choose Your Taps

When buying freestanding bath fillers, make sure you pay particular attention to the taps. Bath-mounted ones are the most cost-effective choice, and you can choose to have them fitted at the end of the bath or in the middle of the bath. You may also opt for a floor-standing style, such as those homeowners or those attached to the wall. Your decision will depend on the space available, your budget, and your preference.

Freestanding bath fillers are very easy to build and can be installed almost everywhere; there is a supply of water and waste. It might be easier to make something unusual and personal in your home, either in the corner of the bedroom, as these homeowners have accomplished, or anywhere else that would work for you.