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Get Washtech: Modern Dishwashers For Modern Restaurant Owners

Washing technology is taking its roots in all sectors of life. Whether it be a household, hotelier or a businessman, everybody needs washing service for their belongings. Washtech services are of utmost use in the restaurant and hospitality business. Restaurant owners can fame themselves only by satisfying their customers. The only way of convincing customers is the overall hygiene of the place of business. Good food is not the only medium to increase customers in numbers, but hygiene factors play a pivotal role in growing a business. Washtech came up with the idea of cleaning utensils in restaurants. A single person can’t clean a large number of utensils effectively. One needs assistance to clean it. Washtech can be of excellent help as Washtech is especially helpful in saving time in peak hours when the restaurant is full of guests and you need fast service. If you are looking for the convenience of advanced technology combined with efficiency, equipment from Washtech would impress you the most.

Functions of Washtech


You can buy commercial glasswashers fitting the needs of your restaurant business. Glasswashers can help you in getting clean and hygienic glasses. Unhygienic utensils can welcome complaints from customers, which may soil the image of the business, stopping the growth of customers. But, installing suitable glass washing apparatus may help you in dealing with the issues of washing glasses in numbers. You can get a wide selection of glass washers from Washtech at a reasonable price.

Some utilities of Washtech Glass Washers include:

Superb performance: Dishwashers from Washtech are well known for both their sturdy durability and reliable performance, while the simple controls in this equipment make them preferable for restaurant runners. What’s more, Washtech is also highly energy-efficient; you can be sure that you will get absolutely flawless cleaning that would reduce labour costs too.

Simple to Clean: 

Dishwashers from Washtech are well known for being user friendly which includes easy cleaning. You would need minimal efforts at best to keep clean, which helps you keep the labour cost low, hence another plus point for cost and energy efficiency. Washtech has several filtration systems which help in easing the cleaning process of the interiors of the dishwasher. 

Designed Sustainably: 

One of the best features of Washtech is that they are quite sustainable. You will find while using these dishwashers that they fulfil all your hygiene requirements, and you would not need much water for rinsing and cleaning containers, hence making the dishwashers quite sustainable and labour friendly.

Factors to be considered while buying glasswasher – 

  • Speed and quality of glasswasher
  • Investment cost
  • Service Cost
  • Durability
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Requirement of space
  • Drainage and power options


Washtech supplies you with a high-quality dishwasher to clean dirty dishes. A dishwasher can have a direct effect on the number of eateries you can accommodate in your serving place. Choosing perfect and suitable dishwashers can be the basis of quality service. A dishwasher can easily wash any type of dish like porcelain, cutlery, and so on. These outstanding machines result is sparkling and spotless dishes anytime. Clean vessels also lead to food hygiene too.

Types of Dishwasher:

There are a wide variety of Washtech dishwashers available in the market, such as Glasswashers, Pass-through dishwashers, Under-counter dishwashers,  and so on. All of these have been designed ergonomically to meet the broad-ranging requirements of various types of restaurants and hospitality business owners, providing the finest efficiency and comfort. Washtech has the best reputation and is one of the most renowned brands producing top-notch quality dishwashers in Australia. If you want to know further details regarding the types of dishwashers produced by Washtech, then read on:

  • Under the Counter Dishwasher: These types of dishwashers are especially ideal for cafes and bars.
  • Door Type Dishwashers: These types of dishwashers are particularly helpful in maintaining the temperature of water while washing from high to low. 
  • Conveyor Dishwashers: These types of dishwashers are particularly helpful in providing a feature of setting a washing schedule when there is a need of washing dishes in huge bulk. These Washtech dishwashers are quite versatile and they can easily hold pots, pans, and heavily soiled utensils that need rigorous cleaning. If large washing operations are needed, then one must choose 44 to 66 inches sizes of conveyor dishwasher as they can handle bigger loads and are more efficient. 

Regular care and maintenance are needed to enhance the life of dishwashers. Dishwashers need to wash frequently to get rid of food left in the gadget. We need to clean the doors and seal them with a damp cloth to prevent them from leaking. One must keep a check on the working of the motor seal. You can get the service of Washtech to keep a regular check on your dishwasher. You can also refer to the dishwashing guide manual. So, lessen the loads of washing a large number of utensils and opt for Washtech.  


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The Essential Cocktail Accessories That Is A Must Have For Your Bar!

Shifted to a new place and want to get your bar set up, or do you feel something is missing from your cabinetry? Regardless of whether you have a huge cart, a couple of racks in your kitchen, or an all-out bar with stools, or a stopgap bar cabinet in your kitchen, in the end, the question would arise of how would you stock them up. Do you purchase separate glasses for red wine, white wine, and champagne? What precisely do those mixed drink utensils do in any case? What’s more, do you truly require that (very adorable) set of copper Moscow Mule mugs at present? This article has got you covered with the essential cocktail accessories that are a must-have to have your bar set complete! It’s also observed that people try to get their cocktail accessories filled with fancy stuff and forget to purchase the basics. Aside from the total glass count, bar stools, and other bar furnishings, check out the list prepared below to get the party going!

  1. A Cocktail Shaker: Freshly created cocktails are genuinely unrivalled, and they genuinely have an extraordinary quality when shaken. It just tastes terrific! Regardless of whether you stirred up some lemon juice, vodka and basic syrup in a cocktail shaker, you can make easily stirrup cocktails that would taste far better than what’s served in many bars. However, a few cocktail shakers are show-stoppers. Even the most fundamental shakers would work incredibly well, which you can find at a reasonable rate. 
  2. A Double Sided Jigger: The way to effectively make the cocktail drinks that can provide you with a consistent taste requires some genuinely exact estimation. A little jigger is the perfect cocktail accessory that you should consider for the ideal mixture for your home bar, rather than going with a fancy measuring cup.
  3. A Muddler: This modest cocktail accessory can be a genuine lifeline while preparing your cocktail. Muddlers permit you to squeeze out any fresh fruits or herbs directly in your shaker for the freshest, trouble-free and stain-free cocktails on the spot.
  4. A Good Corkscrew: What’s more, when I mentioned a corkscrew, I mean a wine opener that requires no corkscrewing by any stretch of the imagination. There are some fantastic “extravagant corkscrews” available nowadays that can de-cork your wine bottle in 3 seconds (without having to pre-cut the foil). Wasting that few extra minutes to open the bottle of wine while attempting to serve visitors is an exercise in futility!
  5. Stemless Wine Glasses: Also known as The All-Purpose Glass. Track down a medium measured stemless wine glass or a tester wine glass, and you can serve anything essentially in it. It is a beautiful cocktail accessory that has to be a staple for your starter bar. You can serve a wide range of wine, cocktails and other drinks in these glasses, and they are simpler to store than the taller stemmed assortment. 
  6. Smooth And Simple Bottle Opener: If you have people who love to chug on their beers, it’s ideal to have an essential bottle opener that they can utilise themselves in case you are caught up with stirring up some freshly made cocktails for the rest. 
  7. A Bar Towel: When you are in complete control of your bar, spills will undoubtedly occur, so it’s always handy to have a well-kept towel prepared and on the bar for speedy clean-ups.
  8. Ice Bucket And Tongs: Ice is a fundamental factor in many of the drinks offered in a bar, so it ought to be readily available for access and should be effectively stored for easy access. An ice bucket can add to the sophisticated looks of your bars, you could also select a preferred size as per your requirement, or do you utilise a beautiful bowl? In any case, a lovely vessel to hold your ice and tongs or a scoop to get it will make your freshly made drinks much more reviving and complete.

The above list consists of all the basic requirements, a must-have when you want to fill your bar cabinet. These cocktail accessories will help you become a pro bartender to help host the best parties for your friend or family gathering.