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Tips for Avoiding and Treating teenaged hair loss

Hair loss can be significant at any age, affecting your overall appearance and mental health. The best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai suggests numerous reasons it can occur. 

Here Are Some Tips For Avoiding And Treating Teenaged Hair Loss

  • Increase the amount of protein and fresh greens in your diet: improper diet is one of the primary reasons for hair loss in teenagers. Hence, most of the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai recommend increasing protein intake to boost hair growth. Including protein-rich food and fresh greens can limit hair loss.


  • Take a hair growth supplement: Consult the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai for hair growth supplements. Regular intake of hair growth supplements can support hair growth and provide sufficient nutrients for healthy hair. 


  • Reduce Stress: Stress can have a drastic impact. It can lead to severe hair loss too. Adopt healthy practices to overcome stress. Plan a routine and ensure you get the proper amount of sleep.


  • Maintain your hygiene and stay hydrated: Keep hydrating yourself by consuming at least 4 to 5 litres of water every day. Hydration helps to remove pollutants and toxins from the body. It is advised to increase the intake of water-rich foods.


  • Avoid using hairdryers straighteners and hair dyes: Harsh chemicals and dyes or overheating your hair can diminish the quality of your hair and eventually lead to hair loss. Hence, if you notice early signs of hair loss, experts of the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai advises immediately limiting the use of hair dyes and straighteners.


  • Check your medication: Some medicines can have adverse effects on hair loss. If you are consuming any medication or undergoing treatment, check the side effects or after-effects. 


  • Trying low-level light therapy: Low-level laser therapy is one of the advanced treatments for hair loss. In this treatment, low-level laser light is used to iridate photons from the scalp tissues. Low-level laser therapy at the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai can encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. 


  • Use suitable hair products for your skin and hair type: Whenever you buy a hair product, check the formulation and ingredient of the same. Avoid buying shampoos or dyes with high chemical content. Instead, go for mild products that suit your scalp and hair health.


  • Check your fitness gear: Exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain your health quotient. Embrace healthy eating and fitness routine to avoid early hair loss.


The bottom line:

It is essential to understand the root cause of hair loss and take appropriate measures to reduce the intensity of hair loss. Follow the tips mentioned above to reverse and treat teenaged hair loss.

Ask These Questions To Yourself Before Getting A Hair Transplant

Ask These Questions To Yourself Before Getting A Hair Transplant

A lot of medical treatments are available for treating hair loss. However, most of these treatments work during the initial stages of hair loss. Once your hair loss is beyond a particular stage, most of these treatments do not work. Hair transplant is one of the credible long-lasting treatments known to work at this stage.

 However, since a hair transplant is surgery and not a minor procedure, you need to be well aware of various aspects of the treatment. You should perform thorough due diligence before opting for the transplant. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before getting a hair transplant.


  • Do I Need a Hair Transplant?

 A hair transplant is not suitable for everyone. Because hair transplant costs in Pune or Mumbai are incredibly high, some clinics suggest hair transplants even though this may not be the correct procedure for you. You need to speak to another unrelated, unbiased medical professional to help you understand whether your condition does require a hair transplant. Only once you have an independent opinion that hair transplant is the correct procedure should you opt for the treatment.

  • What’s my Baldness Level?

Hair transplant requires a certain minimum amount of hair, also called donor hair, to grow new hair based on the donor’s hair. In some instances, you may even have enough hair not to need hair transplant treatment. You need to consult a specialist to ascertain whether you have the right baldness level to enable a hair transplant. 

  • Am I at a Reasonable Age?

While there is no minimum age required to undergo hair transplant treatment, generally, the treatment works better in the age group above 30 when people have stable hair growth and loss rates. However, there is no thumb rule, which depends on hair loss and age. However, make sure that you do not wait till you lose most of your hair, in which case the treatment will not be possible. 

  • Which procedure is right for me?

There are two kinds of procedures for hair transplants – the FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation and the FUE -Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUT, strips of scalp tissues are used for hair transplant, while in FUE, individual hair grafts are extracted and planted. Depending on your condition, doctor’s expertise and the time available for completion of treatment, the proper procedure needs to be chosen after consulting your doctor. 

  • Do you have the finances required for a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the most expensive treatments for treating hair loss. Hair transplant cost in Mumbai or major cities, for that matter, can range anywhere from Rs. 20,000 to upwards of Rs.1,50,000 depending on the amount of hair to be regrown and the number of hair grafts. Ensure that the costs are within your budget. 

  • Do You Have Hospital Privileges To Perform The Procedure

The most crucial factor in hair transplants is not how advanced technology you use but how skilled the medical professional performs the treatment. Check the credentials of the medical professional treating you and whether he/she has access to hospital privileges.

 After thoroughly accessing your need for a hair transplant, the costs, the procedure necessary should you decide between undergoing hair transplant treatment.