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Know About The Product Range And Extensive Applications Of Fire Curtains In Sydney

To begin with, the manufacturers make their extensive range of fire shutters, fire windows, smoke containment screens, smoke curtains, and fire curtains In Sydney to not just comply with building code requirements but exceed smoke and fire testing requisites. 

That’s why they can provide a level of confidence in the output that no other firm can provide. The complete design expertise and trained quality suppliers, and top-class maintenance services and experience provide the seamless integration of smoke and fire systems into any project. 

1) The range of products:

The Fibershield -60/60 fire curtains entail thermal insulation in its textile fire shutter. This system comes with a fire barrier and undergoes testing in compliance with industry standards. It doesn’t need sprinklers to achieve a top-class rating.

  • The fire protection curtain entails a multi-layer design, consisting of alternating layers of cooling and insulating material. 
  • It allows you the textile’s spare use weight reduction. 
  • The Smokehalt V curtains entail an easy integration into both new and existing buildings. 
  • It helps to build designers and architects to bolster internal spaces and help with wayfinding.
  • This type of fire curtain is very suitable for warehouses, shopping malls, atriums, and various other types of industrial and commercial buildings.

2) The Fiber Shield variations:

There are fire curtains in Sydney with a -120/120 fire-resistance rating. You can integrate the operable wall/shutter into both new buildings and current ones. They don’t require much construction room above a prominent wall opening. 

  • Due to its construction space and low eight, the system is also suitable for refitting or modifying fire protection properties in existing buildings.
  • The Fiber shield 4 provides a -240 in compliance with AS1530.4. Like every fire curtain in this category, this product offers a compact and single headbox, and a long lifespan. 
  • You can coil it for maximizing open plan designs. There are fire testing and extensive testing to back the system.
  • There are many other types of Fiber Shield, Smoke Guard, Smoke Halt, and Fiber Seal varieties.

3) The applications:

One of the biggest applications of smoke control fire curtains in Sydney is hospitals. Healthcare facilities need robust and consistent compartmentation of fire, which often affects wayfinding requisites and the want for wide-open spaces in structural design.

  • Some companies provide a wide range of fire security screens and curtains for hospitals that meet all industry standards.
  • Another prominent application is airports. The inventory can match every development level. It includes sophisticated and plush international airports. You can use the curtains to shield the early and antiquated aviation heritage of Australia as well.

4) Theatres 

The premier companies provide design help at each stage in the development and design stage to make sure you can easily integrate the systems into your fire stay systems, building aesthetics, and environmentally sustainable codes/design requirements.

  • You can retrofit many of the smoke control fire curtains in Sydney into existing buildings. 
  • You can use the curtains in multi-story buildings. You can do it in the combination of security, energy, sound smoke, and fire. 

The other applications are warehouses, services, retail, and care facilities for aged people. 



Why Should You Install Fire Rated Windows

Architects are now employing fire-rated windows in virtually every kind of construction.. The truth is that these types of windows not only look fantastic, but they may also provide a traditional appeal. If you are still unsure about fire-rated windows benefits, you should educate yourself on why they will benefit.

You should also be aware of the benefits connected with fire-rated steel windows:

1) Narrow Sightlines:

The main reason, and one of the most significant ones, is that the fire-rated steel windows have limited sightlines. This is because this specific substance is very robust. You will not obtain these important sightlines if you use other materials such as aluminum, wood, or UPVC.

2) Strength of Steel:

Second, no other material can equal the strength of steel. This is the source of the sightlines. When compared to other materials such as aluminum, steel is at least three times stronger. Aside from that, steel windows can handle big and heavy panes of glass compared to other materials.

3) Versatility:

Another important reason why architects favor steel windows is that they are very flexible. Steel will look great regardless of the kind of building or construction style, and it will be accountable for complimenting the whole structure. Steel is very flexible. Therefore architects like to use it in various structures, including cathedrals, universities, churches, schools, hospitals, commercial properties, factories, stores, and, most significantly, residential buildings.

4) Long Life Cycle:

Most people are unaware that fire-rated windows have a long life cycle. Steel windows have a longer life cycle than UPVC or wooden window frames. In certain parts, these windows are changed not because of steel but because of issues discovered in the glass frames or the region around the edge. Make sure that you choose the best fire-rated windows.

5) Fire Rating:

Fire-rated window frames are well known for their high fire resistance. This is yet another critical reason why architects choose these sorts of windows for various types of structures. They are quite common in office buildings and commercial buildings because of their excellent fire rating. You will come across a variety of designs. This will include some open windows with an acceptable fire rating and are in charge of integrating all of the benefits stated above.

6) Can Resist Heat:

Because of their structure, fire-rated windows have more strength than other kinds of glass, allowing them to endure intense heat without breaking into hazardous fragments. Its unique design, whether via resin-integrated glass or wire-mesh glass, allows it to resist the high temperatures that may occur during a fire.

Choosing fire-rated windows will guarantee that you will profit from them in the long term. Ensure that you are well versed in the advantages stated above so that you understand why you should choose fire-rated steel windows. The fire-rated glass should be used in conjunction with other fire safety measures, such as extinguishers, evacuation plans, sprinklers, and other equipment. To learn more, contact a specialized glass dealer.