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Professional Hr Licence Course Near You

Want to acquire a heavy rigid driving licence for vocational purposes? Then we are here to help you. Apply for an hr licence course in our training institute. We have diverse courses that shall help you upgrade your driving skills according to the machine you are going to use. 

Class of Heavy Rigid Vehicles:

The class of heavy rigid vehicles comprises trucks, buses and other heavy machinery that have more than 3 axles. The Gross Vehicle Mass(GVM) of heavy rigid vehicles can be more than 8 tons. It also includes heavy trailers that must not weigh more than 9 tons. Attached or hinged buses also come under this category. 

Importance of HR Licence Course:

There are a number of reasons why a specialised hr licence course is important:

  • Rules & Regulations- In Australia rules and regulations vary according to the jurisdiction, but the regulations over length and weight of heavy commercial vehicles like trucks are complexed. The rules also cover axle types, axle groups, spacing, rear of the trailer, ground clearance, length of drawbar and other height and width laws. Some of the highest limits in the world are in Australia. Therefore, these rules and regulations should be known by an hr learner. 
  • Transmission Conditions- For licence class like MC, HC and HR, there are certain heavy vehicle transmission conditions. The test needs to be taken and should be passed in a vehicle connected to an automatic transmission. The driver’s licence shall be restricted to vehicles of that respective class. For the removal of the condition, a candidate must pass a driving test practically, in a vehicle that lacks synchromesh transmission. 
  • Specialized Configurations- Heavy commercial trucks can be extremely large and powerful. They require to be configured before specialized equipment is mounted on it. Driving class 7 and 8 trucks come under this category. Therefore, specialized vocational applications are required for such heavy trucks like concrete pump trucks, mixers, dump trucks, suction excavators as well as refuse to haul. 

Therefore, a heavy rigid licence holder should have the above knowledge to successfully operate and drive a vehicle. This is why one should enroll on a quality hr licence course. 

Different Types of HR Licence Courses:

The courses are diverse. These include:

  • Earthmoving Courses
  • Heavy Truck Licencing Courses
  • High-Risk Work Licencing
  • Safety Courses 
  • Short Courses

The benefit of Holding An HR Licence:

An HR licence gives you the permit to drive heavy trucks that may weigh over 33000lb. Such heavy trucks are also available for medium-duty versions. An HR licence holder may also drive light or medium rigid vehicles. The different heavy rigid or medium rigid trucks include:

  • Cement Mixer
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tractor Unit
  • Cranes
  • Refrigerator Trucks
  • Log Carriers
  • Tank trucks
  • Hauliers
  • Garbage trucks

Thus, at the end of an effective hr licence course, you will be well equipped and officially approved by the government, to drive a vehicle of any size on this planet. Your driving competence, discipline and knowledge shall help you to progress in your field of work.