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Traffic Controller Course, Your Way Into An Exciting Career

Traffic management is managing traffic movement at the places it required. But don’t confuse traffic controllers with police. Traffic management is a separate course that allows the participant to learn about the technicalities of controlling traffic, making and executing traffic plans, ensuring pedestrian safety, etc. So, if you are looking to be a traffic controller or looking to build a career in traffic management then completing a traffic management and control course will boost your chances.

Why traffic management course?

Traffic management and control course is the stepping stone in the direction of becoming a traffic controller and then move on to traffic management. This course will enable you to deliver efficient traffic management duties both on and off the field. 

In a traffic management and control course you learn the followings.

  • Learn to use a stop/slow bat and understand the distance to be maintained in stopping sight.
  • Keeping and maintaining traffic incident report.
  • Learn the basics of Traffic Control Guidance Scheme (TCGS) and Traffic Control Plan (TCP) and understand the Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) for the different sites.
  • Conduct an onsite TCGS and TCP check to understand the risks and hazards and plan for emergencies accordingly.
  • Select a particular TCGS and TCP for a site and then make an adjustment to it according to the site’s work activities, traffic volume, and its conditions.
  • Assess your working environment i.e. weather, traffic volume, nature and condition of roads, etc. and then respond accordingly.
  • Do the risk assessment for personal safety.
  • Learn to operate two-way radio and other communication devices.
  • Management and storing of traffic equipment.
  • Monitor traffic controllers.

As a traffic controller or a traffic manager, you will primarily work on the roadside. Traffic controllers are mainly required at construction sites, schools, repairing of roads, at a meeting or a gathering at a certain venue, etc. You will be responsible to create and execute a traffic plan that will not hamper the on-going activity, not upset the traffic and ensure pedestrian safety at all times.

So, if you are interested in the career of a traffic controller then you should definitely do this course. Here are a couple of points that you should keep in mind when you are looking for traffic control training in Sydney.

Certification and licensing: First, check whether the institution has the necessary certification by the authorities to provide such an important course and the license to train people or not. It will be really disappointing if you complete the course and discover that they don’t have the needed permissions, making your qualification worthless.

Reputation: A reputed institution means you will be treated as much more trustworthy person to do the job and you will get much better job opportunities after completing the course.

A traffic control course costs around $250-$550, depending on the institution and the particular course. There are a number of institutes who provide traffic control training in Sydney, you can visit them and check their offerings and then make a decision.