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Facade timber cladding

The Benefits Of facade Timber Cladding

Facade timber cladding is the way to go if you want to give the outside of your commercial property a makeover, raise its value, and curb appeal. Most architects and designers will say that top manufacturers’ exterior wood cladding systems are beautiful and cost-effective. You can choose from various colours, textures, and styles. Here are a few good reasons you might want to put house-cladding systems on your building.

So why would you choose wood cladding? Here are a few ways to improve facade timber cladding.


Timber is a natural material, and cladding has a great warm, cozy, and eye-catching look that improves the appearance of a building. Because there are many different types of wood and grades of wood that can be used for facade timber cladding, a wide range of natural colours can be achieved—the colour of the wood changes as it ages and weathers.


It can be cut to any size and comes in different lengths and profiles to be used for many other things. It also comes in different shapes and colours and can be used in various architectural designs. Because there are so many kinds of facade timber cladding, you can try different ways to decorate with it. It can also be stained, painted, or left to naturally weather over time, which gives it a truly unique look. You could even change the colour of your house nearly every year.

Natural And Long-Lasting

Timber cladding is a natural product, so it is made to withstand many different weather conditions and impacts. Timber cladding can last many years if it is well taken care of. Its natural look and grain make scratches and chips less noticeable than on other types of cladding.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike most other building materials, wood grows back on its own. Most building materials, like concrete and steel, require a lot more fossil fuels to make than the wood cladding. This is because wood cladding is made with fewer fossil fuels. Facade timber cladding is one of the most eco-friendly building materials because it can be used and recycled repeatedly.


Facade timber cladding comes from PEFC or FSC-certified sustainable forests. These groups work to ensure that the world’s forests are responsibly managed. They provide that new trees are planted in their place when the wood is taken from forests and trees.


The price per square meter of timber cladding is low compared to other building materials. It can also be cut to specific lengths and profiles, which makes it easier to estimate quantities and reduce waste. Since it is easy to set up, less time is spent on-site, which lowers costs overall.


The thermal conductivity of facade timber cladding is much lower than that of steel and concrete because it is a good insulator. This means that less energy is needed to heat or cool a building. Ultimately, this helps lower a building’s overall carbon footprint by reducing the number of fossil fuels required to heat it. This saves the building’s owner money over time.