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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Battery In Cootamundra

The batteries store energy for use at night or when it is cloudy when power generation is reduced. When a home has solar panels without solar batteries, the only option is to export power to the grid or use the generated power. For most homes, energy is consumed in the morning and later in the day. Using solar batteries Cootamundra helps them use energy during those peak hours.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery in Cootamundra is a battery that stores energy from a solar PV system for later use. This allows you to keep appliances running during sunsets or power outages. If your rooftop solar system and batteries are large enough, you can run your home mostly on solar power. 

Also, using electricity from your batteries can be cheaper per kilowatt-hour than using electricity from the utility grid, depending on the time of day and electricity tariffs in your area. Batteries also eliminate the risk of rising electricity prices and decreasing feed-in tariffs.

Types of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are incredibly useful in these situations. They help you store excess energy produced during the day to last you through the night. Solar batteries come in different types, each with unique requirements. Common types include:

1. Lithium-ion battery

This is for those looking for the most used battery. Most devices, such as smartphones and tablets, depend on this technology. Electric motors and some electricity additionally matter in this technology. Compared to different forms, lithium batteries are greater compact and lighter. They are slightly more expensive than lead batteries but are also known to have a longer lifespan.

2. Lead acid battery

For decades, renewable energy sources have been using these batteries. They are the least expensive, making them a perfect choice for homes that require a large energy-saving system However, the battery has a lower DoD (depth of discharge) than other types. Their short lifespan may make them undesirable.

3. Saltwater batteries

As you know, technology has evolved to give us better and more efficient products. The solar battery in the Cootamundra industry is not behind in this pursuit. Saltwater batteries are a new technology taking over this field. Unlike lead and lithium, it does not contain heavy metals. Instead, it uses saltwater electrolytes.

As you know, lithium and lead require special disposal methods. However, you can recycle a saltwater battery. The drawback to this is that the technology is still new, so mostly untested.

How to choose a solar battery?

Choosing the right solar battery in Cootamundra is essential to meet your performance expectations. You need to consider your budget, where you live, and what type of solar panels you have. How much electricity your solar system produces and how much energy you use are the other most important questions you need to answer. You can see these in your monthly electricity bill and solar system monitoring app.

The best solar companies offer to monitor management software and applications available on your smartphone. It allows you to monitor and view an overview of your solar production and electricity consumption in real-time.