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How Can Smoke Curtain In Melbourne Be Used?

Smoke Curtains in Melbourne are an innovative solution to safely redirect toxic fumes away from building exhaust points. Intelligent in their simplicity, they have now become an important part of fire mitigation and extinguishing systems, with their proven success in reducing the damage and loss of life caused by fires.

What is a Smoke Curtain?

Smoke curtains are a barrier to smoking. They act as a protective cover from smoke and its consequences. Smoke Curtains in Melbourne prevent the movement of smoke and heat from one fire zone to another by channelling or pushing smoke toward a planned smoke exhaust point in a building.

When it comes to installation and deployment, smoke screens offer considerable flexibility. A smoke screen can be installed in almost any area of ​​the building and is suitable for virtually all types of building architecture.

They are commonly used in schools, offices, retail premises, hospitals, residential buildings, universities, airports, hotels, and more. Due to their inconspicuous appearance and minimal footprint, they are hidden above openings so that they do not interfere with the aesthetics of a building or room. 

Smoke curtains offer greater flexibility to designers and architects as they can enclose open spaces without load-bearing walls, columns, or other structural items in the design. In addition, they are easily hidden in the ceiling so that they do not spoil a beautiful design.

How can it be used?

1. Elevator curtain

Elevator smoke curtains play an important role in preventing smoke from entering and exiting the elevator doors. Elevator shafts cause air to be drawn upwards on the roof of the building. In the event of a fire, this can cause smoke to quickly spread to other floors of the building. Smoke Guard elevator Smoke Curtains in Melbourne will meet or exceed these requirements and help keep building occupants safe.

2. Vertical and horizontal smoke curtain

Vertical Smoke Curtains in Melbourne are often used in doorways, wide or small, to prevent smoke from travelling to other areas of the building. They are used to keep smoke away from occupied areas, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and firefighters to enter more easily. In the same vein, horizontal smoke screens are used to prevent smoke from moving upwards or downwards to another floor.

3. Draft smoke curtain

Draft smoke curtain forms an integral part of the smoke control system. They are strategically installed throughout the structure to divert smoke from occupied areas to specific spaces or vents. Smoke Curtains in Melbourne play an important role in pushing toxic fumes from a fire along a pre-planned path of least harm, thus reducing the chance of any casualties due to smoke inhalation.

4. Atrium smoke curtain

Some structures have an open atrium, which allows smoke to move quickly and easily from an attached floor above or from one of the upper floors into the atrium and the attached floor below. As a result, all the smoke from the floor can end up in the atrium. In atriums, smoke screens play an important role in ensuring that building smoke is safely dispersed into hazardous areas.

In conclusion, these should not deter you from the level of safety, security, and ease of installation that Smoke Curtains in Melbourne offer.