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Small Bathroom Renovations in Sydney: Making the Most of Limited Space


In a bustling city like Sydney, where space is at a premium, small bathroom renovations have become a popular trend among homeowners. These renovations aim to transform cramped and outdated bathrooms into stylish and functional spaces. With innovative design solutions and expert craftsmanship, homeowners can now maximise every square inch of their small bathrooms, creating a luxurious oasis within the confines of limited space.

Understanding the Challenge

Sydney’s urban landscape often leaves little room for expansive bathrooms. Many homes and apartments feature compact bathrooms that pose significant challenges for homeowners seeking to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. The limitations in space demand creativity and strategic planning to ensure the bathroom not only looks stunning but also serves its purpose efficiently.

Functional Layouts

The key to successful small bathroom renovations lies in designing a functional layout. A well-thought-out arrangement can make a small space feel more open and comfortable. Professional bathroom renovators in Sydney take into account the specific needs of the homeowners and make the best use of available space.

Popular strategies include installing space-saving fixtures such as wall-mounted toilets and floating vanities that create an illusion of more floor space. Glass shower enclosures can also enhance the perception of space, allowing natural light to flow freely. Moreover, clever storage solutions like recessed niches, wall-mounted cabinets, and built-in shelves can keep the bathroom clutter-free, maximising usability.

Optimising Aesthetics

While functionality is vital, aesthetics are equally crucial in small bathroom renovations. Clever design choices can make the room appear more visually appealing and less confining.

Light, neutral color palettes are favored as they reflect light and create an airy ambiance. Additionally, large mirrors are often incorporated to bounce light around the room and create an illusion of more space.

Incorporating visually appealing textures and patterns through tiles and wallpapers can also add personality to the bathroom without overwhelming the limited space. Designers often advise against using overly busy patterns, as they can make the room feel crowded.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is a growing concern in modern renovations, and small bathrooms are no exception. Homeowners in Sydney are increasingly interested in eco-friendly alternatives to reduce their environmental footprint.

Low-flow toilets and water-efficient fixtures not only help conserve water but also contribute to lower utility bills. LED lighting is another eco-friendly choice that provides ample illumination while being energy-efficient.

Cost Considerations

Small bathroom renovations in Sydney can vary widely in cost depending on the extent of the project and the materials used. While there’s no denying that some renovations can be a significant investment, homeowners should view it as a valuable one, as it can significantly increase the property’s overall value.

Working with experienced contractors or bathroom renovation companies can help homeowners explore cost-effective options without compromising on quality. Many companies offer tailored solutions to suit different budgets, ensuring that even modest renovations can yield impressive results.


Small bathroom renovations in Sydney have evolved into a creative and transformative process, allowing homeowners to turn limited spaces into havens of relaxation and style. By prioritising functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and budget considerations, savvy homeowners can work with skilled professionals to achieve their dream bathroom within the confines of a small area. With the right vision and expertise, it’s possible to make the most of every square inch and create a bathroom that enhances both the living space and the overall value of the property.

bathroom renovation Rouse Hill

5 Essential Elements for a Luxurious Spa-like Bathroom: Create Your Personal Oasis

A bathroom renovation provides the perfect opportunity to transform an ordinary space in Rouse Hill into a luxurious retreat, reminiscent of a serene spa. Creating a spa-like bathroom not only enhances the overall ambiance of your home but also provides a sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate. To achieve this level of tranquility and opulence, it is essential to incorporate five key elements into your bathroom renovation project.

Soothing Color Palette

The choice of colors plays a crucial role in setting the tone for a spa-like bathroom. Opt for soft, neutral hues such as calming blues, serene greens, or warm earth tones. These colors create a sense of tranquility and promote relaxation. Consider using a combination of light and dark shades to add depth and visual interest. By incorporating these soothing colors into your bathroom renovation, you can instantly evoke a sense of calmness and luxury.

Luxurious Materials

To enhance the spa-like ambiance, choose high-quality materials for your bathroom renovation. Consider using natural stone, such as marble or granite, for countertops, flooring, and even walls. These materials not only exude elegance but also provide durability and timeless beauty. Additionally, select fixtures and hardware with a polished finish, such as chrome or brushed nickel, to add a touch of sophistication. Incorporating luxurious materials elevates the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, creating a truly opulent space.

Relaxing Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Incorporate a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to achieve the desired effect. Install dimmer switches to adjust the lighting intensity according to your mood and needs. Consider adding wall sconces or pendant lights near the vanity to provide even and flattering illumination. Indirect lighting options, such as recessed lighting or LED strips, can be used to create a soft and relaxing glow. With the right lighting choices, you can transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis.

Invigorating Bath Fixtures

A spa-like bathroom is incomplete without luxurious bath fixtures that offer relaxation and indulgence. Consider installing a freestanding soaking tub as the centerpiece of your bathroom. These tubs provide a luxurious bathing experience, allowing you to unwind and soak away the stresses of the day. Additionally, incorporate a spacious walk-in shower with multiple showerheads or a rain shower feature. This will create a refreshing and invigorating experience, akin to a spa visit. Upgrading your bath fixtures ensures a truly indulgent and opulent bathroom renovation.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

A clutter-free and well-organised space is essential for a spa-like bathroom. Incorporate thoughtful storage solutions into your renovation to maintain a sense of tranquility. Install sleek and stylish vanity cabinets with ample storage space for toiletries and towels. Consider adding built-in niches or shelves in the shower area to keep bath essentials easily accessible. Additionally, incorporate baskets or decorative boxes to store smaller items neatly. By incorporating efficient storage options, you can maintain a serene and uncluttered environment, allowing you to fully enjoy your personal oasis.


A bathroom renovation provides an excellent opportunity to create a luxurious spa-like retreat within your home. By incorporating the five essential elements mentioned above – a soothing color palette, luxurious materials, relaxing lighting, invigorating bath fixtures, and thoughtful storage solutions – you can transform your bathroom into a personal oasis. Whether you seek a peaceful sanctuary or a place to pamper yourself, these elements will help you achieve the luxurious spa-like bathroom you desire. So, embark on your renovation journey and create a serene and opulent space where you can unwind and rejuvenate in style.

custom bathroom renovations

Benefits Of Custom Bathroom Renovations In Sydney

If you need to bring changes to your bathroom completely as per your will, custom bathroom renovations are going to be your best option. If you have an idea that you’re sure about, you should work on it accordingly and hire seasoned professionals in Sydney that can do the job accordingly. There are several benefits of doing custom renovations for your bathroom. We are going to take a look at these advantages here below: 


Increased Value 

If you bring custom bathroom renovations to change your bathroom completely, you will add up-to-date things. The technology is going to be updated and the design will be stylish as well. If you want to sell your house at a later date, this is going to help in increasing the value of the place. You have to bring efficient renovators to do the job in Sydney


More Spacious 

If you feel that the space inside your bathroom is tight, you have to do something about it with custom bathroom renovations. You should feel comfortable while you’re inside the bathroom. But if the space is going to be very narrow, you will never feel comfortable. With custom renovators in Sydney, you can execute a design that brings more space to your bathroom. There should be no clutter in the room, and the room should feel comfortable, well-organized, and tidy.. 


Better Aesthetic Value 

If your bathroom looks old and bland, you have to get custom bathroom renovations even if the bathroom is doing just fine. It is because you would need to increase the aesthetic value of your house. When guests arrive at your place, they judge it by its aesthetic value the most. Therefore, you have to work on its appearance by getting in touch with quality professional services in Sydney. Keeping your interiors functional and comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics is possible. 


Better Energy Efficiency 

If you don’t care about the appearance of the bathroom too much, you wouldn’t like to bring changes to it unless something is off. But you should note that the energy efficiency of your place can die down with time as well. If the technology in your bathroom is outdated, you will have to spend more on energy bills. Therefore, you should look forward to bathroom renovations in Sydney. It is bound to make your bathroom energy efficient, as long as you use the right ways to upgrade energy services in your bathroom. 


Suiting Your Needs 

Each person will have different requirements for the bathroom. The needs of one person might be completely different from the other. If you go for custom bathroom renovations specifically, you will bring changes that suit your needs exactly. You can use this opportunity to ensure the room is wheelchair-friendly as well. In case you have an elderly family member, having a step-in bathtub or walk-in shower can help ensure it is safe.

While there are several advantages associated with it, custom bathroom renovations need to be handled by experienced and quality hands. So make sure that you hire the best professional services in Sydney to do the job!

frameless shower screens

Frameless Shower Displays: The New Method To Capture A Quick Shower.

They are made of glass and do not have a frame, which allows more light to come in and gives a sleek appearance.

Frameless shower screens can make a bathroom feel more spacious and help prevent water from splashing out of the designated area.

They are also easy to clean and maintain, as they are made of glass.

Adding a frameless shower screen is a great way to update and enhance any bathroom.

Frameless Shower Displays: The New Method To Capture A Quick Shower.

If you’re looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating way to start your day, then taking a quick shower is a great option. To make this experience even better, you can install frameless shower screens in your bathroom. These sleek and modern screens are made of glass and do not have a frame, which allows more light to come in and gives a contemporary appearance.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, frameless shower screens can make a bathroom feel more spacious. This can be especially important if you have limited space in your bathroom. The screens also prevent water from splashing out of the designated area, which helps keep accidents away and makes it easier to maintain a sanitary bathroom.

One of the biggest advantages of frameless shower screens is their ease of cleaning and maintenance. As they are made of glass, they can be easily cleaned with a squeegee or mop to remove any dirt or grime. This makes it simple to keep your bathroom looking great with minimal effort.

In summary, if you want to upgrade your bathroom, consider installing a frameless shower screen. It can enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom while providing several benefits, such as a more spacious appearance, leak-proof seal, and ease of cleaning. If you’re in Sydney, there are plenty of bathroom accessories Sydney stores where you can find high-quality frameless shower screens to suit your style and budget.

shower screen

The Perfect Way To Clean And Protect Your Shower!

Shower inclosure cleaning is a thankless task. This is mostly due to the fact that shower screens near you acquire soap scum and filth on a daily basis. And, regrettably, it’s a job that must be done since failing to do so may have serious consequences for not just the quality of your bathroom, but also your health and well-being.


According to the shower screens near you services, a mouldy bathing environment increases your chances of getting colds, sore throats, and even eye and skin irritation. This implies that keeping your cage clean should be seen as a valuable need.


We have some exciting news. When you employ the proper cleaning procedure, shower screens near you unit will reject soap scum and stay clean for a longer period of time. You may also use the same method to clean the glass and plastic components of a shower inclosure, using commercial or natural cleaning products.


Cleaning a Shower Enclosure in General

After using shower screens near you unit, wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth. This will assist you in removing hard water deposits on a daily basis. Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind after a shower, this little action will benefit you in the long term.


Make use of a Glass Cleaner. Spray glass cleaner onto the shower glass and leave for a minute if there is any sign of deposit buildup.


Rub the glass cleaner into the sprayed regions with a paper towel before wiping the shower glass dry.


What Are the Best Shower Enclosure Cleaning Products on the Market?


Astonish Daily Shower Self Cleaner

This low-cost, convenient daily cleaning solvent is possibly the finest option for cleaning shower screens near your enclosure. This cleaning solution is extremely easy because it requires no scrubbing; simply spray and forget. The solution eliminates soap scum and watermarks rapidly, leaving a crystal-clear sheen.


How Do You Clean the Shower Drain?

It is difficult to clean the shower enclosure drain. If you do it once a month, your drain will be less likely to clog and the water in the shower screens near you inclosure will drain correctly. We don’t advocate using a chemical drain cleaning since the harsh chemicals can harm your plumbing lines. As a result, we urge that you do it the natural way by following the procedures outlined here.


Step 1: Put on rubber gloves. Take the shower drain cap off. First, you must eliminate physical impediments such as hair. For this, use a drain snake. A slender wire coat hanger is a good substitute.


Step 2: Using your fingers, remove the first particles. Next, gently insert the moveable end of the drain snake and push it down the drain. Move the end forwards with a little twisting motion so that the snake spirals down the drain.


Step 3: Gently pull upwards. Remove the clogging debris and place it in a plastic bag.


Step 4: Repeat the process if necessary. Ascertain that all obstructions have been removed.


Step 5: To clean any leftover debris, add 1 tbsp baking soda and some vinegar in this extra step. Pour the baking soda down the drain in the shower. Pour in some distilled white vinegar. A fizzing sound indicates that the remaining obstructions are being removed.


Step 6: Set aside 30-40 minutes. To flush the mixture, pour half a bucket of hot water down the shower screens near the drain. Change the shower drain cover.

bathroom renovations campbelltown

Tips To Consider While Renovating Your Bathroom In Campbelltown:

The bathroom is the place where we get refreshments for the body and also for the mind if the bathroom looks beautiful. Renovating the bathroom to make it appear attractive will be an ideal choice. There are many things to be considered while bathroom renovations campbelltownThe things mentioned below are the tips to consider while renovating your bathroom:

Choose the Layout

Before the overwhelming system of bathroom renovations campbelltown starts, be sure whether you need to remodel the whole design or simply parts of it. One should make certain about the layout beforehand as it functions as a blueprint for yourself as well as the worker for hire. It would be appropriate to say that the project worker you recruit would constantly agree with you to make sure everything is clear, so consistently settle on your layout with the worker for hire.


Having a particular budget as a top priority ahead of time is really significant; else, you might wind up spending more without getting the fulfilment or an incentive for money. With a budget allocation, one can have a detailed and brief picture of the nature of the product they can bear to install.


The idea of ventilation often needs to be considered or addressed during the time spent in planning for bathroom renovations campbelltown. In any case, in a perfect world, a bathroom should have adequate ventilation. Therefore, a wide window is often considered an apt option; however, if your bathroom doesn’t have space for a legitimate window, then installing a bathroom exhaust is unquestionable and will be an ideal option.

Uniform Flooring

The right flooring of the bathroom isn’t simply restricted to the aesthetics of the bathroom yet additionally to how safe it would be. The way to pick the right flooring is that flooring ought to have the option to endure the afflictions of everyday use. It ought to be adequately solid and to crack resistance, while it should likewise not be slippery where one could trip down and hurt themselves. Therefore, while layering the floor, ensure that you not only concentrate on the sort of flooring but also on how the tiles are laid, so there will be finished uniformity and safety in your bathroom.


Whether it is a leaky wall or faucet, it is undoubtedly a horrible show, mainly if you are burning through a huge load of cash to get the best style of faucets or developing material. However, one should recollect that the leakage is often caused by defective plumbing. The main part of renovating bathrooms is plumbing as it can either conclude whether it must be scrapped down or the bathroom renovations campbelltown would succeed with few new fixtures.

Smart Faucets and Showerheads

Restroom faucets and showerheads assume a crucial part with regard to remodeling. The flow and uniformity in pressure, simplicity of usefulness, and the look and feel can elevate or downgrade the mood. Negligible flow in the faucets eventually builds the time to wash and more flow prompts water wastage. Therefore, present-day issues like these bring about current arrangements like state-of-the-art bathroom faucets and spouts from best organizations. 

Final Words:

Thus, these are the tips to consider while renovating your bathroom. If all these things are planned properly, your bathroom will become beautiful and give you a refreshing feel after the renovation.

bathroom renovation Thornleigh

Pricing Guide To Bathroom Renovation In Thornleigh

A complete Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh may cost you somewhere between $20,000 to $27,000. The larger the Bathroom size, the higher the expense involved in the renovation process. Premium bathrooms may cost you a lump sum amount. Here is the guide to the pricing of your bathroom renovation that you may consider. It would help if you considered different factors like what fittings you desire to replace, the material quality you would go for, etc. You also need to take into account the additional renovation costs, such as the cost of waterproofing, cost of tiling, and cost of plumbing. It will guide you on how you can lower your renovation cost.

Factors on Which the Cost Depends

The final cost of Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh depends on the following factors:

  • The area of your Bathroom.
  • The fittings and material quality you choose for your Bathroom.
  • The changes in the structure you desire include moving to plumb, new windows, skylights, re-plastering walls, and electrical points.

Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh entirely depends on what exactly you want your Bathroom to look like:

  • When your budget is not much, and you want to renovate your Bathroom, you should replace some fittings, clean and polish.
  • When your budget is high, you can think of replacing the entire fittings, including the tiles, and using premium fittings for your Bathroom.

Various Renovation Costs

There are considerable costs involved in Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh. They are:

  • Waterproofing cost– bathroom waterproofing is mandated by the law in Australia. It will help if you abide by Building Code Australia (BCA). You need to pay $750 to $900 for professional waterproofing.


  • Tiling cost and Tiles cost- can break the tiling cost into two parts- the price of tiles and tillers. You must be ready to pay for a square meter between 30$ t0 55$ for the tiles. And between 75$ to 120$ for the tiler. The rate of the tiles may vary depending on: the tile’s size and how complicated the task is if the tiles you are using are ceramic, porcelain, or feature.


  • Plumbing cost- hiring a professional and expert plumber can cost you anywhere between 65$ to 85$ an hour. You would require the intervention of a professional plumber for the installations of the shower, toilet, and Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh. 


  • Fittings and materials cost- the fittings and materials you wish to use for your bathroom renovation may determine your renovation budget. It is always better to buy bathroom fittings and materials from your bathroom renovation company as they can provide you with the wholesale rate.

How it Works

Bathroom Renovation in Thornleigh requires professional skills, and your bathroom designer can guide you with the budget and consider the factors you may fail to consider. The process works like this:

  • The bathroom designer will visit your place and measure the floor area of your Bathroom.
  • They will discuss the design with you and exchange ideas.
  • They shall provide you with a design using 3D CAD software and invite you to the showroom to review your chosen products.

The quote and the design that your Bathroom designing company provides should always be obligation-free.

Bathroom renovation Kirrawee

Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation In Kirrawee

You have chosen to embark on the daring adventure of renovating your bathroom. It does not matter whether you are doing it for your family or enticing future prospective homebuyers – bathroom renovation may be an exciting and gratifying experience. Still, it can also be somewhat tricky at times. Consider the tips below to prevent difficulties during a bathroom renovation in Kirrawee.

Decide On Your Budget. 

This is the first and most crucial phase in your bathroom renovation process. Depending on your budget, you may opt for a complete bathroom renovation or only the essential changes. Changing merely the worn-out floor tiles and replacing the old-fashioned faucet may be all that your bathroom needs to be revitalised while being cost-effective.

Do It Yourself Or Hire A Pro? 

Many individuals believe they are skilled enough to paint, change tiles and faucets, and even do a whole bathroom renovation on their own. While this is true for some, most individuals need the services of a professional to accomplish the task correctly and quickly. In addition, if you use the right person, you will profit from them since they are up to date on the current trends, the excellent materials for quality and value, and can provide sound advice.

 Consider hiring a bathroom renovation contractor if you need your job completed quickly. If you want to save money, consider what you can accomplish on your own or with the assistance of friends. If you cannot lay tiles but can paint, engage a professional solely for the installation and complete the painting yourself. Whatever path you choose for your project, be sure to do thorough research. Begin by seeking advice from family and friends; they are likely to know the proper individual to assist you.

Durability And Quality

Take your time looking around to examine the various choices before deciding on a purchase. If you hired a contractor, here is where their invaluable advice comes in, and they may be able to get you a discount on goods from specific retailers.

Safety And Comfort

Everyone likes a gorgeous bathroom, but it should also be safe and comfortable. Because your bathroom floor is often damp, those lovely polished marble tiles may appear fantastic, but when wet, they might cause avoidable falls among your family members.


Remember that nothing remains new if it is not maintained correctly. Consider some easy-to-maintain materials and colours for your bathroom makeover project if you do not have a maid who cleans after you every day. This way, you will be able to spend more time enjoying your bathroom rather than cleaning it.

Another alternative is to locate a company that specialises in bathroom renovation in Kirrawee so that you can get everything done in one location. These sorts of specialists will often provide more robust and more substantial guarantees, and they will always be simple to locate if necessary.

Bathroom renovations Castle hill

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Bathroom Renovation Company For Your Home This 2022!

We all know how important it is to carry out the bathroom renovation process so that your bathroom can instantly upgrade your home to the next level. It gives a sense of satisfaction in terms of a well-maintained and efficient bathroom in your home, which will end up making it irresistible for your relatives to complement your efforts.

This particular article will surely help you to achieve your dream bathroom renovation in Castle Hill for your home by providing you with some points which will guide you to hire a good bathroom renovation company to work in this favour: 

  • Analyse what you want!

 Before making any final decision for hiring any company for renovation work in Castle Hills, you should primarily understand your very own tastes and preferences which you wish to see as the end results. Having a clear picture of what you wish to have in your bathroom renovation in your mind will give you the best results possible.

  • Phone research 

The moment you are done with collecting small details of your design preferences and budget, without physically going anywhere, you should start having phone conversations with different bathroom renovation companies who are well-known for their work in your locality.

You can ask them about their basic views and ideas regarding your renovation plan synopsis and list the most suitable companies whom you can consider for an appointment and site visit.

  •  Visit the official company sites 

Nowadays, you can easily inquire about the renovation company you want using the internet by visiting their sites from the comfort of your home. You can check their ratings, customer reviews, previous designs uploaded by them etc. This will help you a lot in selecting the best renovation company.

  •  Quality of communication and understanding 

The professionals should understand and study your preferences and ideas so that they can give you the best result possible, which will ultimately provide you value for the money you spent. This is crucial because if the professionals just believe in their service supremacy regardless of the customer’s review, then the final results can leave you unsatisfied. For this, you should always properly give time to your conversations with the company professionals to know if they tick this box or not.

  • Don’t rely relentlessly on the professionals!

You should just have to make sure that you know the price of every material, fixtures like the taps, wallpapers, flooring etc. or labour cost even if the company professionals are arranging all the materials required too. As a rational household, you must keep a check if there are no extra and unnecessary costs added. So, keeping an updated written account of even the smallest payment that took place is highly advisable. 


How To Choose Bathroom Renovations Services

If you’re thinking of embarking on a bathroom renovation, there are a few things you need to think about first. This guide will walk you through the steps involved in choosing the right bathroom renovation services for your needs. From budgeting to selecting the right contractor, this guide has everything you need to make an informed decision. So don’t wait anymore and scroll down to learn everything you need to know about bathroom renovations in Penrith!

Ask for Referrals

Before you decide to start a bathroom renovation, it’s important to ask around. Friends, family, and other acquaintances may have some great recommendations for you. Ask them if they’ve heard of any contractors that they would recommend and get an idea of what their budget is. If you don’t find any friends or family members then visiting a local store or website that specialises in bathroom renovations in Penrith can be a great way to start your search.

Consider Your Needs

Before you decide on what type of renovation services you need, it’s important to first consider the specific needs of your bathroom. Are there areas that need extra attention? Are there pipes or other fixtures that need to be replaced? Once you have a better idea of what needs to be done, it’ll be easier to choose an appropriate contractor. 

Get Estimates and Check Prices Online

The next step is getting estimates from contractors who specialise in bathroom renovations in Penrith. This will help you to determine the overall cost of your project and find contractors who offer competitive prices. You can also check online for reviews of specific bathroom renovation contractors before choosing one.

Calculate Your Budget

When estimating your bathroom renovation costs, be sure to include the cost of materials as well as labor fees. This will help you determine how much money you should allocate toward each category before searching for contractors available in your area. It’s also helpful to factor in unexpected expenses like repair or replacement costs for damaged or worn-out fixtures.

Speak to Some Contractors

Now that you have a general idea of what needs to be done and an estimate of the cost, it’s time to speak with some bathroom renovation contractors in your area. Ask them about their experience working on similar projects and see if they would be willing to provide a written quote before starting work. 

Get signed Contracts & Make Payments

Once you’ve decided which contractor you want to work with, make sure you get signed contracts outlining the specifics of the project – from the start date to the completion date, etc. It’s also a good idea to make final payment arrangements at this stage in order to avoid any delays or unexpected expenses.

Bathroom renovation in Penrith can be a daunting task, but by following these tips you’ll be able to make the process much smoother and avoid any costly surprises. You should also keep in mind that not all contractors are the same and you’ll want to find someone who offers competitive prices and a good reputation. Happy remodelling!