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Renovate Your Bathroom With Back To Wall Toilet

back to wall toilet

If you plan to renovate the existing bathroom or make a new bathroom in the house, then back to wall toilet can be a very good option. They create a sleek and modern outlook for the bathroom and have a lot of advantages. This type of toilet is the best alternative for standard close-coupled toilets. A clean, hygienic, and well-designed toilet looks good and increases the utilisation space of the bathroom. The look and the design of the bathroom are very important considerations before planning to renovate the bathroom. The toilets must match the tiles, vanity units, and fittings of the bathroom. The back-to-wall toilet fitting is preferred for any compact houses or apartments.

The reasons for buying

There are several types of toilets available in the market, but back-to-wall toilets are mostly preferred for various reasons like:

  • Space management is one of the reasons for considering this toilet style. Due to their hidden cistern, they look smaller and require less space to fit, and majorly it is fit behind the wall. They are best for small bathrooms, under-stair toilets, or ensuites. These toilets can also be wall-mounted and even requires less space.
  • It increases the aesthetics of the bathroom and gives a pleasant look to the space because of its hidden cistern and clean outlook. These toilets are mainly fitted to the cabinet or wall that hides covers the cistern and the plumbing part. There are different kinds of designs available that will blend with the bathroom’s style and colour.
  • They are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very comfortable. These types of toilets can be hung on the wall, and hence they can be installed at any height as per the user’s choice.

Styles of such toilets

Back-to-wall toilets are mostly of modern styles and designs that fit all contemporary houses or apartments because they do not have many big bathrooms for themselves. 

  • They mostly have curved and angular lines. Curve-shaped bathrooms are used in family bathrooms, and the angular-shaped ones are used to add some contemporary style to the bathroom.
  • It is better to look for small toilets of this style because they will have smaller projections and increase the bathroom space.
  • Most of the toilets of this style are made up of ceramic and white glossy in colour.


Installation is not very easy for back-to-wall toilets. All the plumbing walls must be inside the wall or maybe in a separate unit. It will demand updating the pipes, and for any future repair, the plumbing task will be huge and involve cost. To avoid inconvenience, it is better to use a removable panel to ensure that the access is not an issue during any repair work. It is also practical to install a back-to-wall toilet and basin unit, which will save a lot of space in the bathroom. 

If the installation is not done with a unit, it becomes more difficult because the toilet will need a stud wall or boxed section for the cistern and the plumbing part. The plumbing experts will make things easy, and there is nothing to worry about because the bathroom must look neat with the best fixtures in place.

Hampton’s style vanity

How To Enhance The Look Of Your Bathroom With Hampton Style Vanities

Hamptons-style vanity has been popular for a long time and is likely to stay popular for a long time. Adding a Hampton vanity to a bathroom in a home is a good idea because it looks simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Hampton vanities are made of wood with a marble top for the basin. They have a lot of storage space and look good. Here, we show you how a Hamptons-style vanity can make your bathroom look better and why you should buy one.

Looks good with any colour scheme:

White is the most common colour for a vanity in the Hamptons-style home. A white marble top in navy blue, grey, or wood grain can also be found. When you buy a Hamptons style vanity, one of the best things is that it looks good. This colour is very neutral or very close to being neutral. It is not hard to match it with any bathroom colour scheme because of this.

Hampton’s style fits in almost everything:

There are many Hampton vanities on the market today that comes with a marble countertop and a built-in basin. The Hamptons style vanity is not just a place to store things. It can also be used as a bathroom sink. Just put a mirror on the wall above the vanity, and it will be ready to go right away.

Having the storage just below the counter is also a good idea when you have a bathroom vanity. Most of the supplies go in the cupboard, so being able to reach them quickly is a good thing. With the Hampton vanity, you can easily get the supplies you need from under the counter when you need them.

Reduces clutter:

Unlike other bathroom vanities, a Hampton vanity will not have many things on it. With a lot of storage space below, you can put all of your important things away from the countertop. It makes it easy for busy people to keep their things in order.

It is simple and elegant:

Even though Hampton’s style vanities are classy, it is not too pricey to buy. Many hardware stores sell cheap copies of this item. With its popularity, you will not have a hard time finding a store that sells a Hampton vanity. However, you get what you pay for when it comes to the material used.

When a Hamptons-style vanity looks like this, it has a luxurious feel because of how it looks. It is, after all, based on a very well-known place. That does not mean that a Hampton vanity costs a lot. In your bathroom, it will look good and not break your budget if you add one.

You will have a better daily routine if your vanity looks and feels clean and tidy. There are two places where you start the day and finish the night: at your bathroom vanity. Do not forget that even small things can affect your mood and overall quality of life.