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Using Custom Frameless Shower Screens In Your Bathroom

Are your eyes fatigued to view the same old bathroom every day? Does your bathroom reflect an exhausted look? The best solution to get rid of the boring design of your bathroom is to remodel. When refurbishing the bathroom, the shower space is one of the aspects that comes into the focus of homeowners. 

While you can choose from a plethora of options for remodelling the bathroom, one of the most popular options to choose from are custom frameless shower screens. When compared with framed shower screens, the frameless variety is sleeker and smarter. Find out what makes the frameless shower screen one of the chosen options during bathroom remodelling.

  • Designed to kill

The custom frameless shower screens look sophisticated and contemporary and have a minimalistic approach in terms of design. With shower screens, the bathroom space looks more refined and uniform. Moreover, they allow the other fixtures to grab the attention of users. On the whole, the frameless shower screen does not interfere with the rest of the bathroom design.

  • Natural light

With frameless shower screens, you can illuminate the bathroom and make it look more spacious with plenty of natural light. Although you can find different forms of artificial lights in contemporary bathrooms, natural light is ideal for personal grooming. 

  • Longevity of shower screens

The reputed and reliable manufacturers of custom frameless shower screens design the glass panels in exact dimensions. Moreover, the panels are strong and durable for everyday use. The frameless screens are made to last longer than you can expect. 

  • Easy to clean

When compared with old styles of shower screens, the frameless option is easy to maintain with a little bit of cleaning procedures to follow. The frameless shower screens minimize the possibility of mould, soap scum, or rust. All you need to clean the glass panel is a sponge and glass cleaner. Remember to rub it with a sponge regularly to prevent the formation of stains. 

  • Options of customization

The custom frameless shower screens come with plenty of options of personalization. The entire bathroom gets a customized look with frameless shower screens. While you need to tailor the design of the shower space, be sure to make it align with the rest of the bathroom as well to prevent a few spaces from looking awkward. 

  • Make the space bigger 

Glass makes any space look bigger and it is not different for bathrooms. The custom frameless shower screens are also aesthetically appealing. If you have plans of selling the property within a few years, the frameless glass shower enclosure is sure to attract prospective buyers. 

  • Durability is the key

The custom frameless shower screens do not wear out easily unlike the old style shower screens. Due to the absence of frames, the glass doors and fittings are more durable than the rest of the options. Therefore, you need not fret over the maintenance of frameless shower screens. 

The installation of custom frameless shower screens is one of the biggest additions to make during bathroom remodeling. One of the biggest benefits of installing frameless shower screens is that they work with any style and design. So, if you want to renovate the bathroom, focusing on frameless shower screens provides you with plenty of options.