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What Are Aged Care Services? What Are Their Types?

As we know, with the increase in age of a person, there is increased trouble of doing things on your own due to a physically weak body. Daily routine activities like cooking, cleaning, and self-care becomes tough tasks to do independently due to health problems that almost everyone faces while entering or being part of old age. 

So, aged care services are a special service that supports older people who live away from their families or if their family members are working. This kind of support service helps old people maintain a proper lifestyle despite their physical weakness. 

These services can be taken by old people who need help in their homes or those who no longer wish to live in their homes with family. 

Types of organisations that can provide aged care services:

  1. NGOs ( Not-for-profit organisational services)
  2. Public or government organisational services 
  3. Profit-making or private organisational services 

Any of the above-stated organisations can provide good quality services to the aged people as long as they hold the certification of their services and funding. 

Types of aged care services:

  1. Residential home care

Residential home care is a type of service for those aged people who want to stay with their family and need personal care in their homes. So, a particular professional is allotted to the old person either for a half or full day who can help them to do their everyday tasks smoothly. 

  1. Short duration care

Sometimes when an old person undergoes a major operation, they may require temporary aged care service until they completely recover. One can easily receive and appoint short-term services daily in their home or centers. Such support services are usually hired for a period of eight to twelve weeks. 

  1. Private care

When any old person is not eligible for any government aged care service and wishes to appoint someone who is more medically professional, generally, private care services are hired for old people who need a person who has the right medical knowledge to check on the medicine doses or any other care besides helping with everyday tasks. 

This type of private care is a little more expensive than the government one.


Several factors determine the eligibility of an old person for government or public aged health care services like health conditions, age, family support, etc.

Generally, the old people who are 65 years old or more than 50 years of age at least are suitable for availing the government services. The price of different kinds of services varies based on the extent of serious health issues. Still, it is majorly noticed that government services are quite easy on the budget for people with moderate or low financial conditions. 

Hence, I hope this article will be able to provide each important thing you need to know about aged health care services. Opting for such services for old people will help them to live a proper lifestyle in which they will be able to carry out all the essential as well as self-care work which will also, in the end, help them to gain confidence to live a happy life.