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Tooth extraction: Causes and Procedure

Whenever we feel some discomfort in your gums, we feel scared to go to the dentist as he might suggest going for tooth extraction in Parramatta. We all feel that tooth extraction can be a painful process and that is why we avoid going to the dentist. This is not at all advisable, because if you are suffering from tooth decay, then it might worsen with time.

The truth of tooth extraction is that is a harmless procedure and you won’t feel any pain. The dentist normally makes the affected area numb by using anesthesia and then he continues with the procedure. Tooth extraction hardly creates any discomfort for the patients.

What are the causes of tooth extraction?

You may have visited the dentist for a regular oral check-up and suddenly he suggests that you need to go for a tooth extraction. You will be surely amazed as to why is he suggesting this when there is no problem? It might seem illogical to you, but the fact is that dentists can identify potential problems that can affect you in the future. To avoid it getting worse, they try to cure the problem in the beginning stage.

A dentist can identify any oral problem by just examining your oral health. There can be many reasons why tooth extraction is needed. Dentists always think for the betterment of their patients and they try to prevent any problems which might aggravate in the future. This is the reason why they suggest you go for a tooth extraction procedure before it gets too late.

Few reasons why your tooth needs extraction:

  1. The beginning stage of tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur due to irregular cleaning of teeth. 
  2. When the tooth decay has damaged the entire tooth and it cannot be repaired any further, that time tooth extraction becomes necessary. 
  3. If the deciduous teeth are still intact and it is preventing the permanent teeth from growing, tooth extraction is necessary to clear the way for the permanent teeth to grow. 
  4. Misalignment of teeth which are affecting day to day lifestyle needs to be extracted.
  5. Tooth extraction in Parramatta is also done during other oral surgical procedures. In order to conduct these procedures, few teeth are removed to make space.  


Tooth extraction can be done surgically only. The time range for tooth extraction in  Parramatta ranges from 5 to 30 minutes. 

The tooth extraction procedure happens in 3 steps:

Step 1

In the first step, local anesthesia is given to the affected area. After the anesthesia is administered, the area around the affected area becomes completed numb and senseless.

Step 2

Using a tool known as an elevator, the dentist then cuts off all the ligaments which are holding the tooth to the gum. This tool has blunt tips

Step 3

The last step involves the removal of the teeth. In this step, the dentist uses a forceps to remove the tooth carefully from the gum. A good dentist will be very careful during this step because while pulling out the affected tooth, he needs to make sure that other teeth are not affected.

These are a few steps that are followed during the tooth extraction in Parramatta procedure. It is not painful at all, therefore, without any fear you can go ahead for your wisdom teeth removal in Parramatta.

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Why Regular Visits To A Dentist Is Ideal?

It has long been believed among people that if the teeth are not sore, then visiting a dentist’s office is not necessary at all; it is enough to regularly brush your teeth with toothpaste and use dental floss as necessary. However, this is not the case.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, you should visit your emergency dentist at least once every six months. A dental examination is necessary not only for preventive purposes or for the treatment of damaged teeth, but also for the detection of dental diseases in the early stages. Some pathological changes may not be noticed, but upon examination, the doctor can identify them.

It is then when, with minimal intervention, it is still possible to restore the health and functionality of the patient’s teeth.

A regular visit to the dentist also implies several procedures aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the teeth. There is nothing to be afraid of. Modern equipment and medicines, the latest materials, and the professionalism of a doctor – all this is modern dentistry. 

Only a dentist can be your lifeline when you experience a severe toothache. But there are so many of them today that it is not clear how to make the right choice. Most people prefer to go to the nearest clinic, not thinking about what awaits them there. This approach is not correct. The best result can only be obtained from a thorough examination of all available options. 

Factors that will help you choose the best dentist :

Services :

First of all, you should consider the services that a particular specialist offers. The dentists should be able to take care of all your dental problems, so the services they provide will be a decisive factor in determining which particular clinic you choose. The best choice is the centre with the latest equipment. Thus, you will be calm, knowing that the services you receive are of the highest quality. If you are afraid to visit dental clinics because of pain, then a centre where procedures are performed using anesthesia will suit you.

Availability :

Dental services should be available at all times. Periods of waiting for a visit should be concise. This is necessary in case of emergency toothache. Just imagine what will happen to you if you have to wait a few days before visiting the dentist in this situation.

A good clinic will offer prompt service. The availability of emergency medical care should also be a factor to consider when choosing a dental centre.

Dentist qualifications :

The doctor’s skills are another factor that will help you determine the type of service you will ultimately receive. The dentist must have the experience, as this guarantees you the effective elimination of all problems with your teeth. The skills a dentist possesses, especially when it comes to modern technology, must also be considered. You should consider finding the highly-qualified dentist in Eagle Vale whose services are the best and has the required expertise.

Timely visits to a dentist are essential for your health.


All You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

Due to poor oral hygiene and improper brushing habits, bits of food can get stuck in your teeth. This leads to bacteria development on your teeth, which starts to dissolve the tooth enamel and thus causes a gradual decay of teeth. Once a tooth has been permanently damaged by such bacterial action, a cavity or a hole is formed in the tooth. These small holes or cavities in teeth are serious dental issues, but are fairly common, especially among children.

To treat cavities, dental fillings are necessary. The process of dental cavity filling involves a dentist taking out the decayed tooth material from the cavities in the teeth, cleaning the area, and filling it with a filling material. If you or your child is suffering from dental cavities, you should not delay getting your teeth filled otherwise the decay will spread, leading to even more cavities. Consult a dentist for dental fillings Merrylands as soon as you notice signs of decay in your teeth.

How do you know if your teeth are decaying?

You need to know how it looks like and feels like when decay starts in your teeth so that you can go see a dentist at the earliest. In general, when your teeth will start to decay, you will notice a few things in your teeth. In the back teeth, mostly in the valleys and grooves, there may be discolored, yellowish-brown areas.

Grayish black and dark spots will appear on your front teeth. You’ll notice that your tongue often touches chipped off areas in your teeth, and holes might develop where food gets stuck on your teeth. If any of these signs are noticed, you should see a dentist get your dental filling. If you already have your teeth filled, this means that you need a replacement.

Apart from these, you can also feel it when your tooth starts to decay, in varying degrees. You may feel mild sensitivity on drinking cold water, temporary sensitivity when you chew something sweet, or prolonged sensitivity on consuming hot or cold items. There may be a slight pain when you bite or chew anything, which can escalate to sudden electric sensitivity while biting or chewing some foods. This can further escalate to constant incessant pain lasting for hours, needing medication. Consult a dentist as soon as you feel the first signs of tooth decay so that the matter doesn’t go this far.

What is your tooth cavity filled with?

Filling material is generally of four types: gold, amalgam (silver), porcelain and plastic resin. The filling material is filled in the cavities so that no more food gets stuck in the holes and prevents further bacterial growth and consequent tooth decay by sealing off the cavity spaces. The type of filling which is best for you depends on various factors such as the condition of your teeth, cost, etc.

Composite (plastic) resin fillings are most commonly used these days as it is the best for maintaining a natural appearance, as these fillings match the colour of your teeth, and are cheaper than gold or porcelain fillings. However, it is sometimes avoided for filling large cavities since it gets chipped off easier than other materials. They last for three to ten years in general. Talk to a dentist for dental fillings Merrylands to know which type of filling is best for you.


Is Orthodontics The Right Career Path For You?

Most of us have probably had braces when we were young or in the very least come across others with braces. So have you ever thought of taking up Orthodontics as a career? Before you think of it as your path, you need to know what it involves and if you are really suited for it.

Orthodontics in Granville involves the treatment and science behind teeth irregularities, facial growths or bites which are not appropriate. Orthodontists are trained to develop oral health and also reinvent smiles which are known to bring in confidence in patients. Orthodontics in Granville is a very competitive and progressive field with new appliances and techniques coming up regularly. Hence, if you are planning on taking this up as a career you need to have a keen skill and eye for treatment planning and continuous learning.

If you take up Orthodontics in Granville as a career the following is what is required –

Duties that you would be performing – As an orthodontist you would need to treat and identify teeth or jaw abnormalities inclusive of bite habits. This would be to enhance a patient’s looks, facial function and speech. Basically, an orthodontist would take x-rays, maybe make plaster molds and depending on the previous history would work out a plan for correction of any misalignment. Orthodontists would devise, fit and apply any kind of spacers, retainers or braces. They are also in charge of regular check-ups to ensure that the patient is progressing and if any adjustments are required.

Education – Those aspiring to be dentists usually take up subjects like chemistry or biology and undergraduates. Dental schools or colleges would have certain requirements. Depending on the country you wish to pursue your studies in; you might be required to sit for an admission test. Once you are admitted, you get to learn theory as well as gain hands-on training. You get to treat patients under supervision. After the basic study, if you think you would like to go in for Orthodontics in Granville you need to enter a specialized program which could last two or three years.

If you are pursuing an education in Australia, you are required to attain a dental degree which is registered under AHPRA. You should also have at least 2 years of experience in the role of a dentist. Then you need to complete orthodontics (accredited) university degree. You also need to be registered as an orthodontic specialist to be able to practice.

Challenges – Like any other competitive field Orthodontics in Granville can also be very challenging. You need to be able to handle them in your stride. You might have to see craniofacial surgeries like orthognathic or cleft palate surgeries or you could have overbites where patients do not want to have a surgical way of treatment. Many a time you would also have to coordinate with another surgeon, prosthodontist or periodontist to be able to give your patient the best service and treatment.

Orthodontics in Granville is a very rewarding field as it helps you craft smiles and in a way, change lives.


Get Sparkling and Healthy Teeth Without Burning Your Pockets!

Oral hygiene is as important as physical hygiene. Our mouth acts like a window to the rest of the body. Therefore, infection or disease in the mouth will be reflected in the body. Just like how we get our regular body check-ups, it is necessary to get our mouths checked. With the increase in several infections and diseases day by day, it is safer to prevent it than to look for treatment options. The increase in the awareness of dental hygiene has made people visit dentist Guildford regularly.